The House

Careful planning was put into the construction of this house to make it a healthy and environmentally friendly home.

With 45 cm (18 in) of insulation between double walls, a heavily insulated roof, triple glazed windows and airtight doors, we keep an agreeable temperature in the rooms year round.

The fireplace in the great hall is a masonry heater, designed to extract and absorb most of the fire’s heat and then slowly radiate it back into the house for hours.




We have solar hot water panels which pump hot water to a large reservoir in the basement. From there hot water is distributed through the house floors, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout.

The upper barn roof is packed with photovoltaic panels which produce electricity for domestic use. Some days we produce more than we need, which we then feed back into the grid.

We have a large composter and greenhouse, and grow as many of our vegetables and fruit as our green thumbs allow, using captured rain water. As much as possible, we obtain our food from local producers so that we can be confident in the quality of what we serve.



Our Philosophy

Ecology is at the heart of life here at Rouden Daach.

We try to have as little impact on our environment as is compatible with a modern and comfortable lifestyle. We ask that our guests respect this philosophy and use only what is needed. Please turn off lights when exiting a room, and refrain from idling your car in the parking lot.

We try to make a difference on the environment, and your support and understanding is greatly appreciated.